7” Ep`s
+EVIL SPECTRUM (Peru)[Destruktor Recs]-"Evocations upon Ascending Flames"
+EMINENT SHADOW (Brasil)[Crypts of Eternity Prods]-"Perverted Liturgy"
+FORCE OF DARKNESS (Chile)[Morbid Metal Rec]-"Death Oaths"
+HELLHAMMER (Suiza)[Century Media]-"Blood Insanity"
+POWER FROM HELL (Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"Molesting the Holy Virgin"
+SEKKUSU (Usa)[Sangreal Rec]-“Slash the Pose”
+STORMBANE (Australia)[Bloody Prods]-"Voracious Manifestations"

/ WITCHTOWER (Australia/España)[Discos Me Cago En Dios]-"Convent Guilt/Witchtower"
+DL.50 / AGATHOCLES (Paraguay/Belgica)[Kanashibari Rec]-"Vomitar sobre el Sistema"
+HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST (Suiza)[Messiag Rec]-"Lives '85 + Reh '85"
+HELLKOMMANDER / FARSCAPE (Brasil)[Dying Victims Rec]-"I Piss on Your Grave"
/ ZYGOATSIS (Canada/Tailandia)[Morbid Metal Rec]-"Annihilation of the Kingdom of God"

12” Lp`s
+ALCOHOLIC FORCE (Colombia)[Discos Me Cago En Dios]-"Worshippers of Hell + CD Bonus"
+ALTA TENSAO (Brasil)[Since 72 Rec]-"Portal do Inferno"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Only Death is Real"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"The Return of the Satanic Rites"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Vol.4 - Phonocopia"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Why we play such good shows Pt. 1"
+ATOMIC ROÄR (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Atomic Freaks"
+BEHERIT (Finlandia)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Seventh Blasphemy"
(Bolivia)[Intifernal Recs]-"En el Nombre de Satanas"

+BYWAR (Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"Invicible War"
+DIABOLIC FORCE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Old School Attack"
+EJECUTOR (Chile)[Bitchy Witch Rec]-“Tiempo Profano… Tiempo Divino”
+EXTERMINIO (Brasil)[Since 72 Rec]-"Exterminio"
+FARSCAPE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Killers on the Loose"
+FARSCAPE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Demons Massacre"
+FARSCAPE (Brasil)[Mutilation Prod]-"Primitive Blitzkrieg"
+FLAGELADOR (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Assalto da Motoserra"
+FLAGELADOR (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"A Noite do Ceifador"
+GOAT SEMEN (Peru)[Dunkelheit Prod]-"Demo 2003"
+HELLHAMMER (Suiza)[NecroManiac Rec]-"Necromaniac Union '83 - '84 Rehearsals"
+HELL DESECRATOR (Mexico)[Destruktion Recs]-"The Evil Spirits Return From The Death"
+IMPURITY (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"All In The Name of Satan"
+MX (Brasil)[Since 72 Rec]-"Mental Slavery"
+SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (Usa)[Epic Rec]-"Lights Camera Revolution"
+TESTAMENT (Usa)[Atlantic Rec]-"Practice what you Preach"
+WARHAMMER (Alemania)[Hell Music]-"Curse of the Absolute Eclipse"
+WHIPSTRIKER (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Troopers of Mayhem"

+DORSAL ATLANTICA / METALMORPHOSE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Ultimatum"
+ITNOS / LIBATION (Singapur)[Baphometal Recs]-"Itnos / Libation"
+RAMPAGE (Usa) / MEGGIDO (Canada)[UHR Rec]-"A tribute to Hellhammer - Apokalyptic Raids 2001 c.e."
+TYRANNO / NIGHTMARE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Master of Sin / Motor Hell Riders" (Demos en LP)
+WHIPSTRIKER / POWER FROM HELL (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Brazilian Bestial Attack"


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