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+ANTICHRIST (Peru)[Into the Abyss Domains Prod]-"Pax Moriendi"
+BODE PRETO (Brasil)[Into the Abyss Domains Prod]-"Mystic Massacre"

+ARCHGOAT (Finlandia)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"The Luciferian Crown"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Only Death is Real"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"The Pentagram"
+ABOMINABLOOD (Argentina)[Dybbuk Prods]-"The Rotten Smell of the Entities that Murmur"
+ABOMINABLOOD (Argentina)[Cyclopean Eye Prod]-"Abomination Continues"
+ATOMIC ROAR (Brasil)[Bestial Invasion Rec]-"Never Human Again"
+BEHERIT (Finlandia)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Mordid Rehearsals"
+BEHERIT (Finlandia)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Seventh Blasphemy"
+DIABOLIC FORCE (Brasil)[Mutilation Prod]-"Praise of Satan"
+FLAGELADOR (Brasil)[Veneno Sonoro Rec]-"Predileção pelo Macabro"
+GOATPENIS (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Apocalypse War + DVD"
+INTO THE CAVE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Insulters of Jesus Christ"
+MANIAC BUTCHER (Republica Checa)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Invaze"
+MANIAC BUTCHER (Republica Checa)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Krvestreb"
+NECROLUST (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Christs Excomunnication"
+NECROLUST (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Kill and Die by Satan"
+NECROLUST (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"The Rites of Infernal Torment" (2 CD, Box Set)
+TYRANNO (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Skulls, Horns & Lust"
+VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina)[Ablaze Prod]-"Souther Black Demon"
+VIRGIN's VOMIT (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Ancient Witchcraft"
+WHIPSTRIKER (Brasil)[Morbid Tales Prod]-"Only Filth Will Prevail"


+POWER FROM HELL (Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"Molesting the Holy Virgin"

+HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST (Suiza)[Messiag Rec]-"Lives '85 + Reh '85"

+ATOMIC ROÄR (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Atomic Freaks"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Only Death is Real"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"The Return of the Satanic Rites"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Vol.4 - Phonocopia"
+APOKALYPTIC RAIDS (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Why we play such good shows Pt. 1"
+BEHERIT (Finlandia)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"Seventh Blasphemy"
+BYWAR (Brasil)[Mutilation Prods]-"Invicible War"
+DIABOLIC FORCE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Old School Attack"
+FARSCAPE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Killers on the Loose"
+FARSCAPE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Demons Massacre"
+FARSCAPE (Brasil)[Mutilation Prod]-"Primitive Blitzkrieg"
+FLAGELADOR (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Assalto da Motoserra"
+FLAGELADOR (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"A Noite do Ceifador"
+HELLHAMMER (Suiza)[NecroManiac Rec]-"Necromaniac Union '83 - '84 Rehearsals"
+IMPURITY (Brasil)[Brazilian Ritual Prod]-"All In The Name of Satan"
+MX (Brasil)[Since 72 Rec]-"Mental Slavery"
+SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (Usa)[Epic Rec]-"Lights Camera Revolution"
+TESTAMENT (Usa)[Atlantic Rec]-"Practice what you Preach"
+WARHAMMER (Alemania)[Hell Music]-"Curse of the Absolute Eclipse"
+WHIPSTRIKER (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Troopers of Mayhem"

+DORSAL ATLANTICA / METALMORPHOSE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Ultimatum"
+TYRANNO / NIGHTMARE (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Master of Sin / Motor Hell Riders" (Demos en LP)
+WHIPSTRIKER / POWER FROM HELL (Brasil)[Hell Music]-"Brazilian Bestial Attack"
+RAMPAGE (Usa) / MEGGIDO (Canada)[UHR Rec]-"A tribute to Hellhammer - Apokalyptic Raids 2001 c.e."

+Brazilian Ritual - Second Attack: Archgoat, Black Witchery, Impurity and Grave +Desecrator +Brazilian Ritual - Third Attack: Blasphemy, Revenge, Goatpenis and Bestymator

+UNITED FORCES (Brasil)-'Revirando Arquivos 1986-1991' (Retrospectiva del Metal Brasilero, con fotos ineditas, entrevistas a las viejas glorias del Metal Brasileño).




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